Glow Better Face and Mind Oil 50ml

Glow Better Face and Mind Oil 50ml

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This oil has been in the making for awhile.  I wanted to make an oil that helps skin glow and hydrate but also wanted to use essential oils to help relax our very busy minds.  I have used a blend of essential oils with the base oil being St Johns Wort.


St Johns Wort - Has brilliant antibacterial properties that help to kill surface microbes.

Frankincense - Strengthens skin and improves tone and elasticity of the skin.

Lavender - This wonder oil helps with anxiety and stress and has some relief from migraines.

Sandalwood (West Indies) - Fabulous oil known to be beneficial for both acne and dry skin, the oil's aroma is uplifting and relaxing.

Sweet orange oil - Reduces dark spots and blemishes (vitamin C) helps fight acne, boosts skin circulation, shrinks pores, serves as an anti-anxiety in aromatherapy.

Ylang Ylang - Does wonders for you skin's health and appearance (and my favourite scent)  Can help preserve the youthful look of the face and help with rejuvenation of tired skin.


For you, from me x